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Just Hit Send Just Hit Send by Grasshopper
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“It's just that the last thing Adam ever said
to me.......I remember it all so clear....'Can you go with me, Jordy? I'm not so
scared when you're with me.' And then they wouldn't even let me be with him
when he......when he....... He was so scared, Mama. I wasn't there.”
Grasshopper, Just Hit Send
tags: so-sad
“Seeing a big scratch on Andy's cheek, he tried again. "You win this fight?" he
touched the little boy's cheek lightly.
Andy's eyes filled with tears. "I fallded down."
"Fell," Jordan corrected automatically.
"DADDY!! COME HERE!!" JD commanded furiously. He stomped off to
behind the sofa. Jordan rolled his eyes and followed.
Leaning down, Jordan whispered, "What?"
JD had on his 'frog face'. The one he wore when grownups have been bad.
Brows wrinkled, mouth all scrunched and frowny, hands on hips, all 33 inches
of righteous indignation, he hissed, "He be's just a baby. He dunna talk good
Jordan cocked his eyebrow at his son.
"I'm a big boy, Daddy. I know this stuff.”
Grasshopper, Just Hit Send
“In a sec.......let's see if this will help. Once there was a bunny that was very sad
cause his ears were long and floppy and he stepped on them all the time."
"Like my shoelaces?"
"Yep, just like that. One day a beautiful fairy,,,,,,,,"
"The shoelace fairy?"
"Yep. She landed on the bunny's head and.........."
"Didn't that hurt? Does she have a wand?"
"Nope. She lifted up the bunny's ears and crossed them over like an x."
"I can cross my eyes.........look."
"Lovely. She put one ear through the bottom of the x and she pulled."
"She pulled the bunny's ears..........bad fairy."
"No, she was trying to tie his.........."
"Dan," Jordan laughed, "Stop. That is the worst thing I've ever heard."
"Well, it's better than the teepees and the arrows and crap," Danny huffed.
"Can I go see Andy now?"
"Yes, go see Andy and his Velcro sneakers," Jordan snickered. "We give up.”
Grasshopper, Just Hit Send
“What if you died?"

"I'd sit up there on the edge of my cloud and throw stuff at you."



"I love you."

"I know. I love you too.”
Grasshopper, Just Hit Send

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