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Shimmerspell (The Shimmer Trilogy, #1) Shimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer
903 ratings, 3.46 average rating, 110 reviews
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“Because looking at you is like falling into a black hole—stupid, confusing, and probably
detrimental to my existence.”
Kimberly Spencer, Shimmerspell
“Weird? One day you’re normal and the next, you’re walking around with a butterfly attached to your back. Then Malice in Wonderland tries to squeeze my head off, and you’re calling it weird. This is beyond weird. Crazy, fantastical even, but definitely not weird.”
Kimberly Spencer, Shimmerspell
“Thees and thous taunted her, but like a child, she ignored the writing and focused on the pretty pictures.”
Kimberly Spencer, Shimmerspell
“You kind of lose the right to bitch someone out when you’re no longer slapping groins.”
Kimberly Spencer, Shimmerspell
“Jensen spun, coming face to face with a life size version of Tinkerbell.”
Kimberly Spencer, Shimmerspell

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