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Stray (Touchstone, #1) Stray by Andrea K. Höst
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“I blame Doctor Who. Mr Spock. The Scooby Gang: both the ones in the Mystery Machine and the ones with the stakes. I've spent my life with stories of people who don't walk away, who go back for their friends, who make that last stand. I've been brainwashed by Samwise Gamgee.”
Andrea K. Höst, Stray
“I walked into adventure and adventure has given me blisters.”
Andrea K. Höst, Stray
“[...] I'm going to have to be systematic about experimental eating so I know exactly what fatally poisons me.”
Andrea K. Höst, Stray
“I'm out of tissues for toilet paper too. History notes just aren't....up to scratch”
Andrea K. Höst, Stray

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