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Missing Angel Juan (Weetzie Bat, #4) Missing Angel Juan by Francesca Lia Block
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“Morning. Strawberry sky dusted with white winter powder sugar sun. And nobody to munch on it with”
Francesca Lia Block, Missing Angel Juan
“After his kisses and hugs it feels like without them my body will fall apart into pieces.”
Francesca Lia Block, Missing Angel Juan
“What happens to the rest of something when you smash its heart?”
Francesca Lia Block, Missing Angel Juan
“Do you know when they say soulmates? Everybody uses it in personal ads. “Soul mate wanted.” It doesn’t mean too much now. But soulmates – think about it. When your soul – whatever that is anyway – something so alive when you make music or love and so mysteriously hidden most of the rest of the time, so colorful and big but without color or shape – when your soul finds another soul it can recognize even before the rest of you knows about it. The rest of you just feels sweaty and jumpy at first. And your souls get married without even meaning to – even if you can’t be together for some reason in real life, your souls just go ahead and make the wedding plans. A soul’s wedding must be too beautiful to even look at. It must be blinding. It must be like all the weddings in the world – gondolas with canopies of doves, champagne glasses shattering, wings of veils, drums beating, flutes and trumpets, showers of roses. And after that happens you know – that’s it. This is it.”
Francesca Lia Block, Missing Angel Juan
“Dear Angel Juan,

You used to guard my sleep like a panther biting back my pain with the edge of your teeth. You carried me into the dark dream jungle, loping past the hungry vines, crossing the shiny fish-scale river. We left my tears behind in a chiming silver pool. We left my sorrow in the muddy hollows. When I woke up you were next to me, damp and matted, your eyes hazy, trying to remember the way I clung to you, how far down we went.

Was the journey too far, Angel Juan? Did we go too far?”
Francesca Lia Block, Missing Angel Juan
“But me, maybe I fit in a place like this. Maybe the cold inside of me will seem less cold in this winter. Maybe the tall buildings will make the brick walls I build for myself seem smaller. Maybe the noises in my head will quiet down in the middle of all the other noises. Or maybe my cold and walls and noise will get worse.”
Francesca Lia Block, Missing Angel Juan

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