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The Dragon's Tooth (Ashtown Burials, #1) The Dragon's Tooth by N.D. Wilson
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“That wasn't me. I'm not a morning person. There's another person inside of me that does all the morning things.”
N.D. Wilson, The Dragon's Tooth
tags: humor
“Cyrus walked straight to the tallest crack of light, a seam between two doors. They were locked, but they were also thin and old, and they bent a little with pressure from his shoulder.

He backed up.

"Try one of Skelton's keys," said Antigone. "Is there a keyhole?"

"Nope." Cyrus threw himself against the doors. Wood popped, but he bounced back. "I can break it."

"You mean a rib? Maybe your shoulder?" Antigone adjusted her grip, propping Horace in front of her.

"There's just one little bolt," said Cyrus. "And it's set in old wood." He paused. What was he hearing? Voices. Shouting. "You hear that?" he asked.

Antigone nodded. "They don't sound happy."

This time, Cyrus used his foot. The wood splintered, and the two doors wobbled open onto a world of emerald and sunlight.”
N.D. Wilson, The Dragon's Tooth
“He was a man with eyebrows, or maybe they were eyebrows with a man. Ownership would have been hard to establish, and Cyrus couldn’t focus on anything else—the two fur hedges looked like they were trying to escape his face.”
N.D. Wilson, The Dragon's Tooth
“Don't you touch my sister
or i will seriously try to kill you.
-Cyrus Smith”
N.D. Wilson, The Dragon's Tooth
“Cyrus squinted through the rain at the old man, at the truck, at the crackling Golden Lady. What was going on? None of this seemed real. But it was. The rain on his skin. The soggy waffle and drooping napkins. The smell of gunpowder.”
N.D. Wilson, The Dragon's Tooth
“Horace smiled. "Always breakfast like a man condemned. One never knows that a day may bring.”
N.D. Wilson, The Dragon's Tooth

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