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Conquistadora Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiago
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“I learned you pay for your happiness. That's why I don't expect to be happy all the time. I'd rather be surprised by one moment every so often to remind me that joy is possible, even if I have to pay for it later.”
Esmeralda Santiago, Conquistadora
“How can you know what you're capable of if you don't embrace the unkown?”
Esmeralda Santiago, Conquistadora
“They have no achievements of their own. They've made nothing, created nothing, worked at nothing. They will leave no trace that they ever existed. They have no legacy except for their names, which they did nothing to earn.”
Esmeralda Santiago, Conquistadora
“Ana had experienced reactions like Ramon's in the mirrored salons of Sevilla society, in the waxed halls of the Convento de las Buenas Madres, on the streets of Cadiz and San Juan. It was a look that said, "I see you, but I deign not to speak to you." It said, "I see you but I do not share the high opinion you have of yourself." It said, "I see you but you're not who I want to see." It said, "To me, you don't exist.”
Esmeralda Santiago, Conquistadora

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