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Infected: Bloodlines (Infected, #2) Infected: Bloodlines by Andrea Speed
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“This was how the world ended. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.”
Andrea Speed, Bloodlines
“I'm always going to be with you, you know. As long as you remember me, I will exist. Memory is a form of existence, life after death.”
Andrea Speed, Bloodlines
“I got over shy a really long time ago. I'm queer, I'm feline, get used to it.”
Andrea Speed, Bloodlines
“A spa?"
"Yeah, Avalon Spa, you know the place near the mall?"
"Oh, right. What do you do there?"
Again, the nervous glance at the floor, and the small flush of color rising up his neck. "I'm a masseur. Which I know sounds phony as hell, but I'm licensed and everything. Also, my clients are women- the only men at Avalon are the ones on staff. And while I've got nothing against women at all- I'd have no friends in high school if it weren't for women- I find them as sexually attractive as roadkill possum."
Roan had to swallow back a laugh. "Don't tell them that."
"Oh, God no! I'd never get any tips then.”
Andrea Speed, Bloodlines
tags: matt, roan
“Have you had unprotected gay sex?"

This time he got a snort and a laugh. "I ain‘t no butt pirate."

Roan felt the urge to say, " Arr matey, prepare to be boarded," but somehow managed to repress it.”
Andrea Speed, Bloodlines
tags: humor
“Paris came down the stairs looking incredible. He‘d gone with the simple classic look of the tight white T-shirt,
the low-slung jeans that showed off a glimpse of his flat belly, and a black leather jacket. His hair was perfectly mussed, a
calculated look that seemed natural and sexy. At the bottom of the staircase, he turned around slowly, holding his arms out
to his sides. "Well, how do I look?"

Damn. "Like I want to rip your clothes off right this second. You‘re gonna kill that kid. He‘s going to explode, and they‘re going
to have to scrape his remains off the wall."

"Yeesh, I was with you until you got descriptive."

"Can‘t help it. You make me poetic."

"I thought I made you horny."

"Same damn thing.”
Andrea Speed, Infected: Bloodlines
tags: paris, roan
“Paris rubbed his forehead against his, running his hands through Roan‘s hair, and said, 'How about we come back here
and exchange notes once we‘re done with the interviews? Take a long lunch.'

'Only exchange notes?'

'No one said we can‘t exchange notes in bed.”
Andrea Speed, Infected: Bloodlines
tags: paris, roan

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