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Slide (Slide, #1) Slide by Jill Hathaway
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“You're about as delicate as an AK-47.”
Jill Hathaway, Slide
“People have emotional ties to books, more often than you think...”
Jill Hathaway, Slide
“Come on," he says. "And try to avoid the broken glass. Can't have you going to the nurse and meeting some other guy.”
Jill Hathaway, Slide
“His hands are behind his back.
'Choose,' he says.
'I've already made my choice,' I say, and I grab the sleeve of his leather jacket and pull him inside.”
Jill Hathaway, Slide
“Mattie sticks out her tongue, and I take that as my dismissal.”
Jill Hathaway, Slide
“But you can’t know how she was feeling. Depression is an insidious monster. It eats you up from the inside. No, I think Sophie was in an immense amount of pain.”
Jill Hathaway, Slide

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