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Foxe Tail (Skyler Foxe Mystery, #1) Foxe Tail by Haley Walsh
723 ratings, 3.78 average rating, 105 reviews
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“Hate was such a waste of human resources. So little was accomplished with hate, so much more with love.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Skyler often thought that the Seneca quotation Poe included was a dig at Dupin-or perhaps Poe himself: Nil sapientiae odiosius acumine nimio. "Nothing is more hateful to wisdom than excessive cleverness." "That's for sure," said Skyler aloud. "Or more succintly put, 'No one likes a smart ass'.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
tags: humor
“He had absolutely no plan beyond opening his mouth and planting his foot in it.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Well, it turns out he is gay."

Jamie squealed again.
"And just how did we find this out, Mr.Foxe?"

"We found this out when he shoved his talented tongue down our throat.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Do you think my car is gay?"
"I don't know, You'd have to ask another car.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Rodolfo's voice was definitely on the wrong side of the door.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Julius Caesar. His murder is a pivot point for the rest of the action to take place. Other examples?"

"Othello," said Amber.

"Murder for jealousy. Others?"

"Hamlet," offered Heather.

"Murder for power. Others?"

"The Sopranos," said Rick. Everyone laughed.

"Murder of the English language," Skyler quipped, gathering another smattering of laughter.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Um...are you busy tonight?"

"Why?" His voice dropped to a seductive base, accent thickening. "You want to break a Fuck Club rule?"

"No! I just have to do this thing and I don't want to do it by myself."

"Sounds like breaking a rule to me," he purred.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Oh, don't get me wrong. You were great, but boyfriend material? No."

He planted a fist at his hip. "Why not?"

"Too anal."

"Ordinarily that's not a problem. But I'm talking about outside of the bedroom.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Skyler, this is a murder investigation. Murder. You don't mess with that. You leave it to the professionals. Now if someone made a grammatical error, they'll call you.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Skyler was busy looking around the room at all the guys. There seemed to be an overabundance of twinks. What is this? he wondered. Buy one twink get the second one free night?
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“He didn't like rough men, just men who liked it rough.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“It was difficult being cordial to someone who might have bashed his car and threatened his life.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Bless you, my son." She sank onto the cushy chair, legs splayed.
"So ladylike. No wonder your ring finger is lonely."
"How about this finger?" and she gave him the appropriate salute.
"That one gets a lot of use.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail
“Well I'm not doing you."
"You haven't got the right equipment.”
Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail

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