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Dark Inside (Dark Inside, #1) Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts
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“I knew they would find me. I'm glowing in the moonlight.My darkness was too bright to hide forever. They'll find all of us eventually. They play the odds and they're up a thousand to one.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“You don't strike me as the princess type."
"What's that suppose to mean?"
Daniel Smiled. "It means that I'd still go out of my way to rescue you, but you'd probably smack me across the head and try to slay the dragon yourself.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“There are so many empty people walking around on this little planet. Lonely people. Angry people. Bitter. Forgotten.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
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“We forget how truly fragile we are.
Skin. We do so much to it. Burn it. Tattoo it. Rub chemical into its surface. Sometimes we scrape it, pierce it, poke holes through its softness.
Skin holds us together. IT keeps the blood inside. Without it, we die.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“Free will isn’t always about choice; often weakness plays the game”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“He just wanted to stop thinking. It was easier that way. The numbness hadn't left him; if anything it was spreading. When he looked at the pictures, there was no emotion, even though he knew there should be. He should be sad.
But he wasn't.
He felt nothing.
The drinking didn't help.
Somewhere in the darkest recess of his brain, a button was pushed. Everything he cared about simply vanished. He'd malfunctioned.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“There are different types of people in the world. There are people who accept what's in front of them unquestioningly. The live in the dark. In defeat. Ignoring what the future might bring or how they might help to make things happen. Then there are people like me. Optimists. They too live in the dark, in times like these, but dream of the light. I trust in the possibilities of betterness. I believe there is more to life than this. I have to. There's no other choices for me.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“You make them sound human."
"Aren't they? A lot of monsters are human."
She couldn't argue with that.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“The ocean would be nothing but salt water without her by his side.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“When there was nothing left inside, he laid his head down on the carpet and stared at the wooden railing. He was even emptier than before. How was it possible that hollowness could dig so deep?”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“They knew this—survival came at a price. Over the past few weeks they’d all survived a Bagger attack. Or two. Or three. They knew the consequences. Not everyone got out alive. They’d seen loved ones die. Even worse, some had watched the people they cared about turn on them. But as long as they stuck together in a group, they were still human. As long as they were human they were still alive.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“I am a beautiful and intelligent woman. Anything I touch will turn to gold.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“There must be a way to fight this. To block out the black thoughts and make the voices go away. But with each memory fading, their hold on me strengthens. Soon the person I was, still am, will be gone. I'll be hollow.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside
“I'm just sorry. Sorry that there won't be any more camping trips for kids or rock bands or even new books to read. No more movies or fresh bags of popcorn. It really sucks when you think about it. Of course, there is the possibility that we might be able to win this war, but not for a very long time. Probably longer than you and I will ever exist in this world."
"I try not to think about it."
"Sometimes it's all I ever think about.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside

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