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Sixteenth Summer Sixteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton
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“A perfect person is easy to love. But when somebody likes all your imperfections, well, that's when you know they really mean it.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
“Sometimes I wanted to dance and laugh with my friends until midnight, and sometimes I wanted to screen all calls and hide away with a tragic novel and a bag of candy. Sometimes I spend an hour trying to pretty myself up, and sometimes I could barely be bothered to comb the knots out of my hair before I left the house.
Sometimes I wanted to know what it felt like to tell a boy all my secrets. Other times, that seemed as impossible as waking up one morning to find myself fluent in a foreign language.
Sometimes I felt better alone that I did with people. And sometimes that just felt lonely.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
“I wished on the moon, for something I never knew.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
tags: teens
“I don’t know what’s going to happen with us, Anna. But I’m always going to love you. That I know.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
“As I pedaled my bike slowly home, I realized one more thing. I didn’t have to wonder if I’d ever be passionate or happy again. I was happy, even as I tasted tears on my lips, along with Will’s last kiss; even though part of me dreaded this day, my first without Will.
I was happy because I knew I’d never forget Will. Even if parts of this summer faded from my memory over time, even if Will’s face grew vague in my mind, I’s never forget what it had felt like to be with him for a few short months. What it had been like to be sixteen and in love for the first time.
I wouldn’t forget that – not ever.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
“I looked for every loveliness. It all came true. I wished on the moon. . . for you.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
“Then there was your voice
Like a windup tin toy
Like the sweetest nails on a chalkboard
That I ever heard”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
tags: love, teens
“I loved being so consumed by Will. Adored it. But I kind of hated it too, because I felt like a huge part of myself had been wrested from my control. I mean, sometimes you just want to make a peanut butter sandwich without being overcome by your own passion, you know?”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
“I love you,” he said. He almost yelled it. “And I know that sounds crazy. That’s what you say at the beginning of something, not when it’s almost reached its end. But – I don’t care. I just want to be with you. Maybe it’ll only be for these next few weeks. Maybe it’ll be forever. We can’t know what’ll happen, Anna. All I know is I love you and…we should be together. We just have to be together. We need to be together.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
tags: will
“ never knew anybody completely. Not even yourself.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer
“It was time to weather the bitter and embrace the sweet and suck the marrow out of all the time we had left.”
Michelle Dalton, Sixteenth Summer

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