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First Test (Protector of the Small, #1) First Test by Tamora Pierce
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“I'd like to find whoever taught the Stump that extra work builds character and push him down the stairs," Neal told Kel at lunch.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“You know, ogres only sound stupid. Most are pretty smart."

"And it's a shallow person who judges anyone by the way they sound. I'm so shallow I'm surprised I don't reflect myself.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
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“Well, label me very impressed and ship me to Carthak!”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“You aren't a bit romantic, are you?" he asked, amused.

She sat back and stared at him. She was beginning to think that Neal required a keeper. He seemed to have the craziest ideas. "Romance? Isn't that love stuff?" She asked finally.

"It's more than just love. It's color, and-and fire. You don't want things magnificent and filled with-with grandeur," he said, trying to make her understand. "You know, drama. Importance. Transcendent Passion."

"I just want to be a knight," Kel retorted, putting her used tableware on her tray. "Eat your vegetables. They're good for you.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“What if custom is wrong? demanded the part of her that believed in the code of chivalry. A knight must set things right.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“Don't you ever get tired of asking questions?'
'Never. They're mother's milk to me.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“If I were useful, you wouldn't know it was me.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“You'll see. I'm as good as any boy. I'm better. - Kel”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“Reflect as if you have all of time, even when time is short.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“She promised herself that from now on she would try to sit as close to Neal as possible. She could not kick someone eight chairs away.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“If he were any stiffer, Alanna thought wryly, I'd paint a design on him and use him for a shield.”
Tamora Pierce, First Test
“This is what I've come to," he said mournfully. "Following little birdies”
Tamora Pierce, First Test

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