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Whisper of Light (Light, #2) Whisper of Light by Jennifer DeLucy
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“I think I’d want to be a tree,” I told him, finally.
“A tree? Why’s that?”
“Because. Everyone loves a tree.”
“Ah.” He nodded. “I see.”
“So, what about you? What would you want to be?”
“Well, considering your answer, I suppose I’d want to be a boy, sitting on park bench somewhere beside a tree named Nicole.”
Jennifer DeLucy, Whisper of Light
“Listen, Nicole, I’ve had all I can take of you telling me what I need. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you’re exactly what I need? That maybe, in the middle of all this miserable neck-snapping and repelling and crossing the bloody hell over, all I really want is someone…someone good who will let me be a fucking man? Just a fucking human being with flaws and unenlightened days? Is that too much to ask? That you let me fucking love you, Nicole? Because that’s what I need! That’s all I’d ever need from you. Just to love you. Can you deny me that? - Christian Wright (Whisper of Light)”
Jennifer DeLucy, Whisper of Light
“You have no knowledge of my genitalia. - Gilford Boyd (Whisper of Light)”
Jennifer DeLucy, Whisper of Light
“Oh my God, of course she was Lily—and she was sickeningly beautiful. Suddenly, I was even more nauseous than usual. I was going to vomit all over myself and be dubbed hurl-girl for the rest of eternity. I was going to throw up all over Lillian Hunt. - Nicole Abbot”
Jennifer DeLucy, Whisper of Light
“Close your mouth, Nicole! You may never speak words again for as long as you live!”
Jennifer DeLucy, Whisper of Light
“Not to worry, Phillip,” Father O’Toole said. “I was just inquiring as to what authority they—” He stopped abruptly, jumping forward as the wall phone came unhinged behind him, dangling by a corner screw.
“Huh,” Gil pondered. “Look at that.”
“What happened?” Father O’Toole asked.
“The phone fell,” Gil answered.
“Well, naturally! I’m not blind, young man. I’m asking how the phone fell!”
“I blame gravity,” Gil offered. (Excerpt from Whisper of Light)”
Jennifer DeLucy, Whisper of Light
“The edge of something mostly buried in the sand caught the sun, and I bent to pick up a pearl nautilus. Simple and uncomplicatedly lovely, a pearl nautilus whispered its beauty. It wasn’t showy like a cameo or frog shell, with their twists and nubs and variations. It never competed for attention, but it held and reflected a prism of light that perfectly complimented its surroundings. Someone else may have overlooked a pearl nautilus, but I preferred it. - Nicole Abbot (Whisper of Light)”
Jennifer DeLucy, Whisper of Light

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