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Remake Remake by Connie Willis
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“That's what the movies do. They don't entertain us, they don't send the message: 'We care.' They give us lines to say, they assign us parts: John Wayne, Theda Bara, Shirley Temple, take your pick.”
Connie Willis, Remake
“They make you settle for second best."
That's what I like about the movies. There's always some minor character standing round to tell you the moral, just in case you're too dumb to figure it out for yourself.
"You never get what you want.”
Connie Willis, Remake
“They were a susitute. They were what you did when you couldn't have what you wanted.”
Connie Willis, Remake
“Movie Cliche #12: The Moral. A character states the obvious and everybody gets the point.”
Connie Willis, Remake

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