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Bunnicula (Bunnicula, #1) Bunnicula by James Howe
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“So, this is a rabbit, I thought. He sort of looks like Chester, only he's got longer ears and a shorter tail. And a motor in his nose.”
James Howe, Bunnicula
“Harold: "It so happens I was discussing great works of literature with Toby."
Chester: "Since when is a Twinkies wrapper considered a great work of literature?”
James Howe, Bunnicula
“But looking back on the next day, I can tell you that happy endings are possible, even in situations as fraught with complications as this one was.”
James Howe, Bunnicula
“Fangs are more pointed, and vampires use fangs to bite people on the neck.'
'Yech! Who'd want to do that?'
'Vampires would, that's who.'
'Wait a minute. I saw Mrs. Monroe bite Mr. Monroe on the neck once. Does that mean she's a vampire?'
'Boy, are you dumb. She's not a vampire. She's a lawyer.”
Deborah and James Howe, Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery
“parrot,” he said, “is a tropical zygodactyl bird (order psittaciformes) that has a stout curved hooked bill, is often crested, brightly”
Deborah Howe, Bunnicula
“Come on, come on, you’re wasting time. Just jump up here.” I surveyed the scene carefully. I knew I would have to get a running start since there was just a tiny spot left for me and I would never be able to fit into it if I pulled myself up slowly. Apparently, I was taking too long for Chester’s liking. “Will you get up here?” he hissed. Okay, if that’s what you want. I ran and jumped onto the chair, landing with a great kerplop. “Chester, where are you?” I cried. I couldn’t see anything but the back of the chair. I’d forgotten to turn myself around. “I’m here, you great oaf!” I turned my head. “What are you doing on the floor?” I asked. “You knocked me off the chair. Now just stay put. I’m coming back up.” I moved to the back of the chair, and Chester”
Deborah Howe, Bunnicula
“Chester continued, “The Mark of the Vampire says garlic renders vampires immobile.”
Deborah Howe, Bunnicula

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