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Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1) Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
23,750 ratings, 3.50 average rating, 3,310 reviews
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“She was thirty-five, and she did not look a minute younger.”
Cherie Priest, Boneshaker
tags: humor
“In California there were nuggets the size of walnuts lying on the ground—or so it was said, and truth travels slowly when rumors have wings of gold.”
Cherie Priest, Boneshaker
“The sound came again. There was a whistle to it, and a moan. It was almost a hiss, and it could’ve been a strangled gasp. Above all, it was quiet, and it seemed to have no source.

It whispered.”
Cherie Priest, Boneshaker
“So here's the rules - keep quiet, keep close, and if we're spotted, climb like a goddamned monkey…If I get picked off, you don't come back for me. If I see you get picked off, I aint coming back for you. Life's hard. Death's easy”
Cherie Priest, Boneshaker

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