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Ripple Ripple by Mandy Hubbard
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“But who bothers looking beyond the surface? Who even knows anything about Cinderella's Prince Charming - other than he's a handsome prince?”
Mandy Hubbard, Ripple
“You don't have to sleep, you don't have to dream, to have nightmares.”
Mandy Hubbard, Ripple
“Why do yo keep doing this?"
"Because I've wanted to be with you for three years, okay? That's why.”
Mandy Hubbard, Ripple
“You were twisting your wet hair up into a ponytail, and then you saw us, and you smiled...."
"Then why didn't you-"
"Because you were smiling for him. And I would have had to have been an idiot to get in between that.”
Mandy Hubbard, Ripple
“He rests his lips against my temple. 'You need to figure out what you really want from this - from us.”
Mandy Hubbard, Ripple
“Just being near the water makes me ache for it, makes my skin tingle with the desire to run until I am chest-deep and the water wraps around my skin like a satin ribbon, making the worries, the aches, the stress unwind. Sometimes, I wonder if this is how a recovering alcoholic would feel if someone put a beer in her hand. If her body would wage war against her mind as mine does.”
Mandy Hubbard, Ripple
“Sometimes, people simply want to believe things because it's easier that way. But it doesn't make it the truth" -Cole”
Mandy Hubbard, Ripple
“Ich spüre seine Hand auf meinem Arm unnd zucke zurück. Ich verdiene keinen Trost.
Nicht nach dem, was ich getan habe. Oder wieder tun könnte.
Cole gibt nicht auf und legt die Hand auf meine Schulter. Diesmal lasse ich es geschehen Die Berührung seiner Fingerspitzen dringt durch meine Jacke und brennt auf meiner Haut.
Es ist so lange her, seit mich jemand berührt hat. Seine Hand scheint hundert Kilo schwer zu sein, so ungewohnt fühlt sich die Berührung an.
Aber es ist ein gutes Gefühl.”
Mandy Hubbard, Ripple

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