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Passion (Fallen, #3) Passion by Lauren Kate
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“I'll always choose you." Yes that was the word. "Every single lifetime, I'll choose you. Just as you have always chosen me. Forever.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“What if you find your soul mate... at the wrong time?”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“I’ll love you with all my heart, in every life, through every death. I
will not be bound by anything but my love for you.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Love is the only thing worth fighting for.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“At last." He breathed into her, finding her lips.
"You found me," she whispered.
Lauren Kate, Passion
“I don’t know how you can stand it. Over and over again, the same sadness—”
He lifted her up. “The same ecstasy—”
“The same fire that kills everything—”
“The same passion that ignites it all again. You don’t know. You can’t remember how wonderful—”
“I’ve seen it. I do know.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“And Daniel?" She asked.
"Daniel was a player-"
"That's what they called the actors." Bill rolled his eyes.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Suicide was a mortal luxury not afforded to angels.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“All that is good in Heaven and on Earth is born of love. This war is not just. This war is not good. Love is the only thing worth fighting for.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Every single lifetime, I'll choose you.
Just as you have always chosen me. Forever.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“I cannot be other than what I am, and I am the choices of all my days.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Oooh!" Bill squealed. "Very rococo."
"So, I'm really doing this? I'm just going to go down there and pretend--" (Luce)
"No pretending." Bill shook his head. "Own it. Own that cleavage, girl, you know you want to.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“I choose my love for Lucinda," he called to Heaven and Earth, to the angels all around him and the ones who weren't there. To the soul of the one true thing he loved the most, wherever she was. "I now reaffirm my choice: I choose Lucinda over everything. And I will until the end."
-Daniel Grigori, Passion”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Lys," he whispered. "Do you know what's coming?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"And you know that I'll be with you until the end?”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“They're just talking. They're flirting kind of like they're strangers, but at the same time they also seem to know each other really well. I don't get it."
"So they're taking it slow. What's wrong with that?" Bill asked. "Kids today, they just want things to go fast-- boom boom BOOM.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“LUCE: You really beleive this? That someday I'll live through this?
DANIEL: With all my heart and soul, I will wait for you as long as it takes. I will love you every moment across time.

-Daniel & Luce, PASSION”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Luce: "But what about all those other times, when I die before we kiss, before--"

Bill: "Before you even have a chance to see how toxic your relationship might become?”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“I hope that I live for a thousand years, and have a thousand daughters so that there will always be a woman who can curse your name.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Free's all the rage these days”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Though she hated to stop kissing, Luce held Daniel's warm face in her hands. She gazed into his violet eyes, trying to draw strength.
"I'm sorry," she said. "For running off like I did."
"Don't be," he said,slowly and with absolute sincerity. "You had to go. It was preordained; it had to happen." He smiled again. "We did what we needed to do,Lucinda."
A jet of warmth shot through her,making her dizzy. "I was starting to think I'd never see you again."
"How many times have I told you that I will always find you?”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“But Daniel wouldn't kiss her the way she wanted.The closer she pressed to him, the farther back he leaned.
Finally he pushed her away completely. He held on only to her hands, as if the rest of her were dangerous.
"Lady." He kissed the very tips of her fingers, making her shiver. "Would I be too bold to say your love makes you unmannerly?"
"Unmannerly?" Luce blushed.
Daniel took her back into his arms, slowly, a bit nervously. "Good Lucinda, you must not find yourself in this place dressed as you are." His eyes kept returning to her dress. "What clothes are these? WHere is your costume?" He reached into a wardrobe and flicked through the clothes pegs.
Quickly,Daniel began to unlace his boots, tossing them on the floor with two thuds. Luce tried not to gape when he dropped his trousers.He wore short gray pantaloons underneath that left very little to the imagination.
Her cheeks burned as Daniel briskly unbuttoned his white shirt. He yanked it off,exposing the full beauty of his chest.Luce sucked in her breath. The only things missing were his unfurled wings. Daniel was so impeccably gorgeous-and he seemed to have no idea of the effect he was having on her by standing there in his underwear.
She gulped,fanning herself. "Is it hot in here?”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“I'm sorry," Lucinda said,pressing her hands over her heart. "I don't know what came over me.I've never done anything like that..."
Daniel wasn't going to argue with her now,though she'd slapped him so many times over the years that Arriane kept a tally in a little spiral notebook marked You're Fresh.
Lauren Kate, Passion
“instead i choose love- the thing you have all forgotten. i choose love and leave you to your war... all that is good in heaven and on earth is born of love. this war is not just. This war is not good. Love is the only thing worth fighting for”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Now aren't you glad I made you take a bath?" Bill asked. "One less bottle of eau de reekette punching holes in l'ozone.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
Lucinda!" he shouted,but the beast had already dropped her.
His whole world stopped.
Daniel did not see where Lucifer went after that because he was diving across the sky toward Luce. The burning of her soul was so bright and so familiar. He shot forward, his wings clasped close to his body so that he fell faster than seemed possible, so fast that the world around him blurred.He reached out and-
She landed in his arms.
Immediately,his wings pulled forward, making a protective shield around her. She seemed startled at first,as if she'd just awakened from a terrible dream,and gazed deeply into his eyes, letting out all the air in her lungs. She touched his cheek,ran her fingers across the tingling ridges of his wings.
"At last." He breathed into her, finding her lips.
"You found me," she whispered.
Lauren Kate, Passion
“You could fill a book with all the things you don't know,girl. In fact-I think someone may have already written it.But that's neither here nor there.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“I think about her and only her. I count the seconds until she’ll be with me
again. I choose her, as she chooses me.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“Ix who?"
"Ix Caut. Your name in this life meant 'Little Snake.'" Bill watched her face change. "It was a term of endearment in the Mayan culture. Sort of."
"The same way getting your head impaled on a stick was an honor?"
Bill rolled his stone eyes. "Stop being so ethnocentric.That means thinking your own culture is superior to other cultures."
"I know what it means," she said, working the band into her dirty hair. "But I'm not being superior. I just don't think having my head stuck on one of these racks would be so great." There was a faint thrumming in the air,like faraway drumbeats.
"That's exactly the sort of thing Ix Caut would say! You always were a little bit backward!"
"What do you mean?"
"See,you-Ix Caut-were born during the Wayeb',which are these five odd days at the end of Mayan year that everyone gets real superstitious about because they don't fit into the calendar. Kind of like leap-year days.It's not exactly lucky to be born during the Wayeb'. So no one was shocked when you grew up to be an old maid.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
“I've missed you so much."
Daniel chuckled. "I've missed you, too, these past...three hours. Are-are you all right?"
Luce ran her fingers through Daniel's silky blond hair. "I just needed to get some air,to find you." She squeezed hi tightly.
Daniel narrowed his eyes. "I don't think we should be out here,Lys. They must be expecting you back in the receiving room."
"I don't care.I won't go back in there. And I would never marry that pig. I will never marry anyone but you."
"Shhh." Daniel winced,stroking her cheek. "Someone might hear you. They've cut off heads for less than that.”
Lauren Kate, Passion
Layla!" Don bounded into her sight. The door behind her was still bolted. Where had he come from?
The starshot tumbled from her hands and clattered to the floor. She snatched it up and slipped it back inside her dress. Bill was gone.But Don was-Daniel was right where she wanted him to be.
"What are you doing here?" Her voice broke with the force of having to act surprised to see him.
He didn't seem to hear it.He rushed toward her and wrapped her in his arms. "Saving your life."
"How did you get in?"
"Don't worry about that.No mortal man, no slab of stone can obstruct a love as true as ours. I will always find you."
In his bare, bronzed arms, it was Luce's instinct to feel comforted. But she couldn't right then.Her heart felt ragged and cold.This easy happiness, these feelings of complete trust, every one of the lovely emotions Daniel had shown her how to feel in every life-they were torture to her now.
"Fear not," he whispered. "Let me tell you, my love, what happens after this life.You come back,you rise again. Your rebirth is beautiful and real.You come back to me,again and again-"
The light from the lamp flickered and made his violet eyes sparkle.His body was so warm against hers.
"But I die again and again."
"What?" He tilted his head.Even when his physique looked exotic to her, she knew his expressions so well-that bemused adoration when she expressed something he hadn't expected her to understand. "How do you-Never mind. It doesn't matter.What matters is that we will again be together.We will always find each other,always love each other, no matter what.I will never leave you."
Luce fell to her knees on the stone steps. She hid her face in her hands. "I don't know how you can stand it.Over and over again,the same sadness-"
He lifted her up. "The same ecstasy-"
"The same fire that kills everything-"
"The same passion that ignites it all again.You don't know.You can't remember how wonderful-"
"I've seen it.I do know."
How she had his attention. He didn't seem sure whether or not to believe her, but at least he was listening.
"What if there's no hope of anything ever changing?" she asked.
"There is only hope. One day, you will live through it.That absolute truth is the only thing that keeps me going. I will never give up on you. Even if it takes forever." He wiped away her tears with his thumb. "I'll love you with all my heart,in every life, through every death. I will not be bound by anything but my love for you."
"But it's so hard.Isn't it hard for you? Haven't you ever thought,what if..."
"One day,our love will conquer this dark cycle.That's worth everything to me.”
Lauren Kate, Passion

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