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Crimson Wind (Horngate Witches, #2) Crimson Wind by Diana Pharaoh Francis
2,271 ratings, 4.02 average rating, 165 reviews
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“Just remember, I am not going anywhere,” he said, still watching her lips. “And if you ever try to hide from me, I will not believe you are dead. I will find you. Count on it.”
Diana Pharaoh Francis, Crimson Wind
“Her Shadowblade Prime was fully roused now, power rolling away from her in uncontrollable waves. Her Blades wouldn't be able to ignore it. She had to get to the vault before they came running to stop her like a horde of hysterical nannies.”
Diana Pharaoh Francis, Crimson Wind
“She'd worry about it later. For now, she had an appointment with a homicidal godlet.”
Diana Pharaoh Francis, Crimson Wind

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