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Tempest Rising (Tempest, #1) Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs
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“Warriors aren't the only ones who can kick a little ass, you know. Some maidens can more than hold their own.”
Tracy Deebs, Tempest Rising
“Nothing is enough that doesn't come with peace of mind. Nothing is enough that doesn't come with love.”
Tracy Deebs, Tempest Rising
“I took a deep breath, held that scent in my lungs for long seconds as I tried to inhale the normalcy that made up his very essence. The normalcy I craved like a junkie with an open, aching vein.”
Tracy Deebs, Tempest Rising
“Bathed in shades of violet, she comes in the dark.

Power unrecognized, half human, half mar.

Born in lightning, anointed in tears,

Magic abounds, while its painful heat sears.

The battle draws ever closer and one side will fall.

Good and evil collide, once and for all.

The victor uncertain, as fate evens the scales.

A winter storm’s coming, a dark night’s tale-

A Tempest rising, without fail.”
Tracy Deebs, Tempest Rising

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