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A Beautiful Blue Death (Charles Lenox Mysteries, #1) A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch
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“Her strength was in the integrity of her actions; she never compromised what she believed she ought to do.”
Charles Finch, A Beautiful Blue Death
“Are you going to give a speech?' she asked gaily.

He gave a choked laugh. 'Of course not,' he said. 'Not for ages.'

'My cousin Davey gave one on his very first day!' ...

'In the Lords, I remember. It was about how he didn't like strawberry jam.'

'Be nice, Charles! It was a speech about fruit importation, which I admit devolved into something of a tirade.' She couldn't help but laugh. 'Still, you could talk about something more important.'

'Than jam? Impossible. We mustn't set the bar too high, Jane.”
Charles Finch, The Fleet Street Murders
“...It had been a perfect nap -- the sort a man runs into now and again by chance...”
Charles Finch, A Beautiful Blue Death

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