May 21

Added a quote by Charles J. Chaput
"This post-Christian confusion—MacIntyre calls it “emotivism”—now shapes American public life. In such an environment, the purpose of moral discourse, he writes, “[becomes] the attempt of one will to align the attitudes, feelings, preferences and choices of another with its own.” Other people become instruments to be dominated and used. They’re means to achieve our ends, not ends in themselves.6 As a result, most of our moral debates about public policy never get near the truth of an issue."Charles J. Chaput
Added a quote by Charles J. Chaput
"The White House elected to power in November 2008 campaigned on compelling promises of hope, change, and bringing the nation together. The reality it delivered for eight years was rather different: a brand of leadership that was narcissistic, aggressively secular, ideologically divisive, resistant to compromise, unwilling to accept responsibility for its failures, and generous in spreading blame. As"Charles J. Chaput

May 10

Added a quote by Charles J. Chaput
"The banking industry, corporate life, the mass media, religious ministries, athletics, law schools: Each has its scandals. In nearly every case the pattern is similar: Truth is adjusted or “interpreted,” ignored or justified away, to get seemingly urgent results. And deceit then spreads and takes root like a weed. *"Charles J. Chaput

March 12

Diane joined the Catholic Spirituality Books and SQPN groups.
Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis
rated a book really liked it Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia, #2) by C.S. Lewis
read in March, 2017