March 24

The Cost of Overwhelming Your Audience Lately, I’ve read a number of stories that have taken “climax” to a whole new level. What I mean is: how muc... Read more of this blog post »

March 12

ポルノスーパースター [Porno Superstar] by Nanami Now, I’m not going to lie and say: “Hey, this yaoi is hilariously fabulous!” far from it. Although well written with deliciously attractive characters, Porno Superstar will make you cringe, cheer and cry, and almost all at the same time. Yamashita is ...more
遠い眠り [Tooi Nemuri] by Riyu Yamakami
rated a book it was amazing 遠い眠り [Tooi Nemuri] by Riyu Yamakami
In Tooi Nemuri or Distant Dream, Chizumi, the owner of a sweets company decides, after the death of his best friend, to adopt his son Ibuki. As Ibuki grows, he looks more and more like his late father Natsume, and in time Chizumi develops feelings fo ...more