May 15

Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series 2, Vol 12. by Philip Schaff
read in February, 2017
Leo the Great was the bishop of Rome from 440-461.

These letters and sermons written in his position as bishop are a mixture of the good (excellent pastoral work with defenses of orthodox Trinitarian doctrine against heresy), the bad (keeping various
The End for Which God Created the World by Jonathan Edwards
read in February, 2017
A cogent argument that God made the world primarily for His glory. This primary end does not exclude another goal: our happiness. Since we were made to worship Him, our obedience to His design brings us delight and Him glory.

As an old American choral

March 08

The Givenness of Things by Marilynne Robinson
read in March, 2017
Marilynne Robinson does her best to make “liberal” attractive again.

I don’t think she ever uses the word, and I don’t mean it here in the way that conservative talk shows do. She only occasionally advocates for more involvement of the state in our li