Elizabeth Peters Discusses Ancient Egypt, Research, and Cats

Author: Elizabeth Peters

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Carolyn I'm so glad to see Elizabeth Peters as herself (Barbara Mertz? Barbara Michaels?) I've read her books for many years and love the humor, wit and intelligence in them. I've appreciated traveling to other worlds through her fabulous research and writing. I have copies of the Amelia books on my shelves - numbered, mind you, so that I can keep them in order, which is becoming harder to do now. But, I don't mind, I just want more of them regardless of their order in time.

message 2: by Cindi

Cindi I agree! I'm grateful to an intelligent and witty writer who has brought me so many hours of reading pleasure. I have bought books about Egypt to study as I read (and reread!)the Amelias and almost feel I've been there! (Someday...) Peters has such a gift for creating characters that live for me. I'm so intimately acquainted with the Emersons I feel they are part of my family! There are a few writers with whom I long to sit and chat--and Peters is at the top of the list. Thanks for the video!

DonnaCarol What a delightful and pleasant woman. I enjoy her books so very much. They are among the ones that I cannot part with and will get around to reading them again.

message 4: by Elie

Elie Enid I have read - many several times - every single Elizabeth Peters or Barbara Michaels book I've been able to find. As an actress/director I've never been able to understand how her books (Amelia Peabody's particularly, though Vicky Bliss makes a good run for it, too) have not been made into films. She creates magnificent characters, with an incredible sense of humor and action-packed lives. I loved watching her videos. Thank you so much. Bless you, Barbara Mertz, or whichever name you choose for yourself!

message 5: by Deb

Deb I discovered Peters' series of Amelia Peabody books only recently. And I've managed to devour them one after another very quickly over just a view months. Ebooks make it possible to have one on hold and waiting for me when I finish one and open the next. I became fascinated with mummies and Egypt before I could walk, because my parents took me to our city art museum where I would sit transfixed before the mummy case for hours--if they'd of let me. These stories set in Egypt stir my imagination and passion for Egyptian history. And I adore a great mystery. Peters has a knack for a clever plot and creatively developed characters who never fail to captivate me.

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