Stephenie Meyer talks to host Andrew Freund

Author: Stephenie Meyer
Book: Twilight

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Andrew Freund interviews "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer.

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Brigitte The comparison IS extremely silly.
At least she knows that much...

Kadie D♥ O, I like this video, it's a very optimistic video!~
So there is may going to be more!!!
I would love to read about what could have happend and about what still can happen!!!! <3
So the ending isn't yet in sight.....

message 3: by Nikki (last edited Oct 18, 2012 08:31PM)

Nikki I'm going to give my input after months of hearing about this ridicule topic "Of J.K.Rowling and Stephanie Meyer comparison's. There's no long logic here,so I'll make it simple and sweet. Really whoever compares them two together are seriosuly deluded. J.K Rowling write's about wizards....Stepahnie Meyer's write's about vampires. Two different genre's,however they write for a pop culture audianece that idolizes thier creations, with that being said of course this certain topic gets brought up all the time. But their in no way compared to each other at all. To me they have borth terrffic ideas for story's that we love to read or hear about.

message 4: by Magic

Magic Next J.K. Rowling. I am doubling over with laughter.

Daniel J. Nickolas "There is no sense of trying to please people, or trying to find a story that will sell, or fit a certain demographic..."

She's not serious.

"...divine intervention I guess."

He's not serious.

message 6: by John

John Biggest shock: "I have three kids". 0.0 She's had sex!?

Justina Dear I haven't laugh this hard ever! but really, she has fans? She started the book from a dream...

P.S Bella can think?

message 8: by Anya

Anya Andrew Freund :...the next Jo Rowling..."

Stephenie Meyer (conceited laughter): "Hehehe"

Me:"That bitch!"

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 22, 2013 05:22PM)

I strongly dislike that people despise Twilight so much as to hate the author. I'm sorry, but I really do. It's not her fault that you hate the book, that's your own decision. Stephanie is such a good person and everyone's opinions on the author is covered by their mindless hatred for Twilight that they can't see that.

message 10: by Dan

Dan If you hate Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, I invite you to join my group....

message 12: by Cillian

Cillian Jeremysepicreads wrote: "Dan wrote: "


fuck you asshole"

Well, well. What have we here.
If it's Jeremy Chenevert again!
New account (created right before yours got deleted or self-deleted?); did you decide to off yourself from GR after so many flags?
And here you are, back and--for the most part--pretending you're not the abusive, disgusting troll many GR users had to put up with on several threads.
Is this new personality working better for you? But not always, eh? Sometimes the old Jeremy floats back up to the surface like a turd.
We should start calling you Norman Bates...neither of you could ever manage to keep all your personalities in check.

Welcome back, Jeremy!

SqueeshApe360 Oh. My. freaking. Gosh.
Did they just compare her to J.K. Rowling?
Not even close.

SqueeshApe360 Yeah, at least Steph knows the comparison isn't even existent

message 15: by Cillian

Cillian Reading Rocks wrote: "Omg If what you say he real This Jeremyepicreads is a Fucking asshole!"
You should know, Jeremy.
How old are you, 12? Do you really think you can fool anyone?
Make sure you delete comments from your wall that quote you as "Jeremyepicreads" if you want to play the game better.

Also, why are you following me?

message 16: by Ellie

Ellie Ok, I didn't like the Twilight saga. I've read worse books, but I dont like it. But it's not fair for people to hate Stephenie just because they hate her book. That's just mean.

Although, I do agree there is no such thing as "the next J.K.Rowling." She's just the best.

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