Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Author: Brandon Sanderson
Book: Steelheart

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message 1: by Kenya

Kenya Wright Now that's a book trailer!!

Wildan ..that's it? hmm.

message 3: by Jamie

Jamie Ross Trailer is awesome! Would love to see a movie for this. Steelheart, my Best read of 2013, can't wait for the next.

xotic3 Now that's what I call : wow!

Monkeybomb26 man this book is good

message 6: by Mark

Mark Messick That line at the end "I've seen Steelheart Bleed, and I will see him bleed again"...that gave me chills.

Awesome, awesome.

Can't wait for Firefight!

Juliana Amazing! Just amazing. Loved this book, and I love this trailer.

Counting down the seconds until Firefight. :)

Andrew Zink I'm a huge Sanderson fan, and while Mistborn and the Stormlight Archive are deeper, more engaging novels, Steelheart would make a better movie. Could be a great movie. Mostly because it doesn't require nearly as much back-story or narration. Some books are just better suited for the big screen.

Julius Butcher I would love to watch a few seasons of the Stormlight Archive show.

PlodPaint That's a book trailer! Loved it. Gonna read.

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