Book Trailer - Do I Bother You at Night?

Author: Troy Aaron Ratliff

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Available October 4th, 2013

They say nothing ever happens in Kansas.

Sylvester Petersen used to think so too. That is, until a mysterious new neighbor moves in next door, seemingly out of nowhere. His handful of friends -- people who tried to help him cope with the sudden death of his wife -- think that it might be an opportunity for him to get reacquainted with the world outside his farmhouse and to build a new relationship with his neighbor. But that idea is soon snuffed out as strange events b…more

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Cecilia Whoa!!! As a Kansan that mostly can't sleep at night & am partial to creepy stories set in our lovely creeped my out with your storyline...AND your youtube book trailer...YIKES! I'm totally in for the ride!

By the also reminded me of Zappa's song, "It Can't Happen Here". "Who could imagine that they would freak out somewhere in Kansas...Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, (etc.)...:>

"It Can't Happen Here" by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

Cheers, Troy!

(No...I really didn't listen to Zappa much...but always enjoyed this song...:)

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