THE TWINS by Saskia Sarginson

Author: Saskia Sarginson
Book: The Twins

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Author Saskia Sarginson introduces her debut novel, The Twins.

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message 1: by Norma (last edited Aug 02, 2013 05:24AM)

Norma I just ordered your book. It will be mailed on release. I can not wait to read it.

Rachel Lim Norma wrote: "I just ordered your book. It will be mailed on release. I can not wait to read it."

After reading it, please let me know what you think of the book.

Bivens I am intrigued! Looking forward to reading it.

Cynthia Pruitt I am trying to order your book but I don't know if I did or not...
I am new to this sight....I look forward to reading it will let you know if
I liked it after I read it. It sounds like a good read..

message 5: by Jbird

Jbird This sounds good. I can't wait to read this book!

Samantha Creepy! Sounds good and I love the music in this. I'll have to read it.

Michele Sounds intriguing can't wait to read it.

Mariah I can't wait to read this!

message 9: by Mary

Mary Taitt Sounds fabulous!

message 10: by Anne OK

Anne OK I'm in!

message 11: by Jana

Jana I just bought your book on my Nook. I'm going to start reading it right away! I can hardly wait!

message 12: by Flaxan

Flaxan It sounds fabulous just have to read it.

message 13: by Ginger

Ginger I just finished this book. This is a story about twins sisters growing up with a "hippie" non-conformist mother whose lifestyle leaves them to fend for themselves quite a bit and live a very unconventional life in the country where they are allowed to run wild. They meet two brothers a few years older but also twins and the bond is immediate. The boys are even more wild than the girls and together they create a world for themselves. This bond shapes their lives as the girls are sent to the city to live and deal with the consequences of some of the things that happened in the country.I really enjoyed this story and it is a definite for a book club. Can't believe this is the authors first novel. Kudos to Saskia Sarginson!

message 14: by Peter

Peter Owen Have just read this book in a couple of days. I am very surprised by the revue b Miranda Mowbray of Tempest books-how do you write a revue if you haven't read it? Perhaps she's not the brightest star in the sky. I found it easy to read, the time settings were very obvious and the description of the Suffolk landscape very accurate. If any one has actually lived in and been brought up in the country they know that it can be hard & cruel so the narrative was far from gratuitous. Perhaps Ms Mowbray should

message 15: by Caffier

Caffier Hello,Mrs Sarginson,

I'm a French reader of your novel "The Twins". I really like the way you write, the changes of points of view : the first person narrative when it is Viola who tells about her past and present life, and the third person narrative when it's Isolte who speaks .As I read, I feel as if reconstructing a puzzle whose past and present bits are all mixed up .One feels right from the start that something ominous happened in the past and that it is too enormous to be revealed fully and at once. One has to "decode" the "unsaid "thanks to the descriptions of the characters and situations. The rooks,the dead rabbit, the stallion, the sea wind, the scents of the forest , etc... represent as many clues to understand what happened. The story is full of sensitivity and sensuality , which is deeply moving. We understand why Isolte suffers from anorexia. I haven't finished readind it yet but I'll recommand it to all my friends!

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