Goodreads Live with Barbara Kingsolver

Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Book: Flight Behavior

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This live chat was recorded on November 9 as part of our Goodreads Live series. We talked to the legendary, bestselling author about her latest book, Flight Behavior, as well as how she weaves political and social messages into her work, and much more.

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Margaret Wonderful! It was a true pleasure to hear from one of my favorite authors.

message 2: by Brandon (last edited Nov 27, 2012 04:07PM)

Brandon Kelly I'd never seen the author before this webcast and it was very nice to put a face with the amazing and gifted voice she brings to her work. I have heard her on NPR recently and was very impressed by her abilities to relate her process and the pieces of herself that influence the books she writes. I count the Poisonwood Bible as one of my favorite books. I wish that I had heard about this webcast and had been able to submit questions in real time. Regards, Brandon

Graham Thank-You Barbara Kingsolver!

message 4: by Nate

Nate He said he would post a link w/the books she recommended, does anyone know where to find those links?

message 5: by John

John Needham Yes, wonderful to hear and see an author I happened upon by chance courtesy of BBC radio. As someone already sympathetic to the subject of climate change I was always going to be receptive to Flight Behavior, but it inspired and moved me even so. A lovely book; I certainly want to read more of barbara Kingsolver

message 6: by SEY

SEY Glad I waited till after I read "Flight Behavior," glad I read the book, glad I read Barbara Kingsolver. Now I want to start reading the book all over again but as she said, "there are so many books in the world!" Thank you!

message 7: by Marg

Marg An amazing story that informed me about some of the miracles that occur on earth. An inspiring author who writes with a passion and sensitivity. Marg

Suzanna Fonaryova Interesting!

message 9: by Karen (last edited Aug 30, 2013 03:30PM)

Karen this author could write on any and everything and I would be enthralled -- her writing is captivating, mesmerizing, addictive!

message 10: by Ranga

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