Author: Jessie B. Tyson
Book: White Heaven Women

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WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN author reading.
Not official reading from publisher - its a before publication reading.)

"Many people believe that we have all been here on earth before, with a different name, different life. Some live their current lives believing they'll be reincarnated after death. This past life theme is prevalent in movies, television ad novels, including the new supernatural suspense White Heaven Women by British author Jessie B. Tyson.

White Heaven Women is a gripping tale set Whitehaven…more

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message 1: by Jessie (last edited Sep 27, 2012 10:29PM)

Jessie Tyson Yay, it took me a while to get this code embedded correctly but I finally did it, so of course I liked that and clicked the darn button..haha! Happy dance! After all that I hope you enjoy listening..lol. It is an old recording before publication on Amazon.

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