WHERE'D YOU GO, BERNADETTE by Maria Semple Book Trailer

Author: Maria Semple
Book: Where'd You Go, Bernadette

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Enjoy Tom Skerritt, a bevy of Seattle's finest booksellers and Jeopardy champs, bestselling author Garth Stein, and, of course, the force of nature known as Maria Semple!

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message 1: by Karen

Karen Loved the video!!

Jennifer N. Donlin Hysterical.... And a great episcalary novel!

message 3: by Lacey

Lacey Jennifer N. wrote: "Hysterical.... And a great episcalary novel!"

Dear Jennifer,

It's "epistolary"... lol. :)


Leanne Thanks for for the novel. Just what I needed this week!

Henryetta I am a Ken Jennings fan and loved the video. Do all the people in the video live in the Washington state area?

message 6: by Susan

Susan Reynolds Loved her fantastically creative, original, humorous novel, and now LOVE the video.

message 7: by Lana

Lana Creative minds are just wonderful! Loved it!

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