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Author: Philippa Gregory
Book: The Kingmaker's Daughter

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A live video chat recorded on August 29, 2012. We be discussed her new book The Kingmaker's Daughter, as well as her previous work, and her life as a novelist.

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Heather Is this book a part of a series? I have never read anything by Philippa Gregory, am currently watching Tudors so when I seen this I had to get it but got home and did a little research online and seen it says #4 so I am curious is it a part of a series I need to read 1-3 before starting this book?

Hristina Ivanova If you have never read Gregory's books,you definitely should :) If you are interested in the War of the Roses or in English Medieval history in general,I strongly recommend her novels.
The first two books of the Cousins' war series revolve almost at the same time,but the story is told from 2 different perspectives. The 3rd one is a sort of prequel to them. It tells the story of the Lady of the lake,a mythical water goddess,whose descendant is Elizabeth Woodville( the queen,who tells the story in the first book). This 4th one is told from the pint of view of another woman involved in the war- Anne Neville.
So even though the books are numbered as following,they all observe a similar period of time, but from different points of view.So,there isn't a strict order,but I'd read them in the order they have been published.
Hope that helps :):)

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Kari Definitely one of my all time favorite authors!

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