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Author: Leo Tolstoy
Book: Anna Karenina

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The third collaboration of Academy Award nominee Keira Knightley with acclaimed director Joe Wright, following the award-winning box office successes "Pride & Prejudice" and "Atonement," is a bold, theatrical new vision of the epic story of love, adapted from Leo Tolstoy's timeless novel by Academy Award winner Tom Stoppard ("Shakespeare in Love"). The story powerfully explores the capacity for love that surges…more

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message 1: by [deleted user]

oh, terrible Vronsky

message 2: by Reem

Reem I Can't Wait For It! Definitely One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time !

Cristina Istrati I`m looking forward to see it! What a great story!!

message 4: by reham

reham ragab i can not wait.........

message 5: by Tia

Tia I'm SUPER excited! This screams out to a historical lover.

message 6: by Kat

Kat Balouch I've read this book countless times. Watched every adaption of the movie there is & none have captured the story as Tolstoy wrote it. This trailer made my heart pound. I'm waiting on baited breath for the movie release.

Margaret i also can not wait....

Christine Keleny Lovely. I know I'm going to like it. My teen age daughter will too!

Kathryn I have an issue: I'm trying to complete the challenge but cannot find A) the group, B) my name on the list with number of steps completed. The Challenge page is mostly a large plum block with the video and steps (text, no links) on the right, and a list of persons in various completions at the bottom.
There's a link to the discussion board, and "View the Anna Karenina book page & The Best of Leo Tolstoy Reading List".

Anyone else have this problem and was able to fix it?

message 10: by Terrea

Terrea I am having the same problem, Janna. You are not alone! =(

message 11: by Midge

Midge Bork Think I'll skip the movie. I'm sure the book was better :)

message 12: by Bella

Bella wow.

message 13: by Tina

Tina She is in so many classic stories, I wonder if she is an avid reader as well and can really appreciate the roles :-s

message 14: by Kimber

Kimber The lack of Russian actors bothers me a lot. I'm very picky about accents.

message 15: by Danie

Danie Ooh, Tom Stoppard!! Can't wait

message 16: by Jalal

Jalal I can feel how to feel

message 17: by Jenni

Jenni Looks amazing! Can't wait!

message 18: by Jack

Jack This is fabulous!!

Jennifer Looks really good! Can't wait to see it!

message 20: by Aileen

Aileen I'm very curious to see how they manage the steeplechase scene and Levin's story on a stage like this...excited to see how Tom Stoppard handles the screenplay.

message 21: by Zuleyma

Zuleyma Castillo It's gonna be great masterpiece. Can't wait to see it.

message 22: by Teresa

Teresa I would watch this.

message 23: by Jess

Jess Schira I like the concept and the look of the movie.

Patricia Todd Reem wrote: "I Can't Wait For It! Definitely One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time !"

by one of the greatest author of all time...and one of his greatest BOOKS OF ALL TIME...TOLSTOY'S ANNA KARENINA! right on!!!

message 25: by Nona

Nona looks good, can't wait!

message 26: by Marsha

Marsha Fabulous!

message 27: by Holly

Holly looks fabulous!!

message 28: by Charity

Charity Love the plot/book, not sure about the film, but I'll go.

message 29: by Suzanna

Suzanna cant wait for this

message 30: by Brenda

Brenda I am sooooo looking forward to this movie! Reading the book (again) in anticipation of the movie :)

message 31: by Margot

Margot Yes! Gorgeous. Can't wait.

message 32: by Margot

Margot Yes! Gorgeous. Can't wait.

message 33: by Sylvia

Sylvia Poor Anna!

message 34: by Nattie

Nattie I want very much to see this film. I've been waiting since July.

message 35: by Kathy

Kathy This should be great! I loved her in The Duchess!! :)

message 36: by Jaclyn

Jaclyn Reynolds Looking forward to this film!

message 37: by Ray (last edited Nov 02, 2012 07:51PM)

Ray Bishop I'll watch it when it comes out on Redbox. It can't be as good as the book - unless it was made in two parts.

message 38: by Mary

Mary Kennedy I have already seen it and loved it. It was was a visual feast and a gorgeous film.

message 39: by SHIYAO (last edited Nov 03, 2012 06:25AM)

SHIYAO There is no distinctive improvement in Keira's individual performance and acting skill comparing with her another historical movie The Duchess.

message 40: by Jaideep

Jaideep Khanduja fantastic!

message 41: by Melanie

Melanie Stoppard, Law, theater... I'm excited.

Paraskevi Andreopoulou superb!

message 43: by Jessica

Jessica M. I hope we'll get to see enough of Levin and Kitty! Especially Levin whom I adore. :)

message 44: by Jackie

Jackie Excited to see this!

message 45: by Yvonne

Yvonne Epic...I cannot wait for another magical movie with one of my favourite actresses Keira Knightly :)

message 46: by Jen (last edited Nov 05, 2012 01:18PM)

Jen Where do I find the group we're supposed to join for the Anna Karenina Goodreads sweepstakes?

message 47: by Joyanne

Joyanne It will be interesting to compare this to the black and white version. I am excited to see this film, Keira Knightly is one of my favorites and Jude Law always does a stellar job.

message 48: by Teresa

Teresa I love Keira Knightly in period pictures. Can't wait to see it.

message 49: by Imelda

Imelda Janna wrote: "I have an issue: I'm trying to complete the challenge but cannot find A) the group, B) my name on the list with number of steps completed. The Challenge page is mostly a large plum block with the v..."

Got same problem

message 50: by Imelda

Imelda 'will definitely see the movie after I finish the re-reading of the book. I do this all the first then watch the film, just to see how true the film stays to the author's story and characters.

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