The Thief Live-Action - FAN TRAILER

Author: Megan Whalen Turner
Book: The Thief

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Fan Made. Please make a movie of this book!!

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message 1: by Anne

Anne Wow! Who did this?

message 2: by Trezz

Trezz Copen Hehehe, I recognize some of this footage from BBC's Merlin :D

message 3: by Emily

Emily Anne wrote: "Wow! Who did this?"

I did! I had no idea until today that someone had posted it here, hahaha. ^^

message 4: by Emily

Emily Wow! I actually made this. O_O

I just got a Goodreads account quite recently, came to this page to review The Thief, and am quite surprised to have encountered my video here.

Er. I hope people enjoy it?

message 5: by Anne

Anne You did a good job. :)

Dydy good job. and yes, a movie please. I need to read this lovely story again...

PageTurner Morgana -Attolia, yes! I liked the Gen here although thinking of Merlin i also see a bit of Merlin in Gen with his cleverness and boyish charm, even though appearance-wise they only have the black hair in common

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