Meet Jack Higgins

Author: Jack Higgins

Before there was Clancy, Coonts, or Cussler, there was Higgins.

Author Jack Higgins is a father of the modern thriller novel. Today he resides in the Channel Islands off the coast of the UK, but he grew up in the midst of religious and political turmoil in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For the master of the thriller novel, violence was a part of everyday life. His childhood memories and subsequent experience in the British Army provided a wealth of inspiration for more than seventy novels published…more

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Barbara Drummond-Bellacicco Dear Mr. Higgins/Patterson,
I wanted to tell you how much have enjoyed all your books over the years, especially when Sean Dillon is the main character. You have given me many delightful hours on the edge of my seat.
Thank you so very much,
Bunny Drummond-Bellacicco

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