Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

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message 1: by Ben

Ben I really appreciate his authenticity and modesty.

message 2: by Sada

Sada He is truly a maverick.

Michael A. Sherbon Rare treasure indeed! And "great philosophy" too.

message 4: by Luann

Luann I liked the first half best. Very interesting.

message 5: by John

John Bladek His interest in spiritualism is especially ironic considering that Holmes would have laughed at it. He was very much influenced by the loss of his son in WWI.

Yngvild "This video has removed due to terms of use violation."

If it isn't mindless advertising, it doesn't stand a chance. And I can't tell a thing about it from the comments.

You liked it or appreciated it or found it a treasure? Great, so tell me what about it you liked or appreciated or found interesting or Holmes would have laughed at or why you thought Conan Doyle a maverick.

message 7: by [deleted user]

Who set these "terms of use"? And who violated them, & how? And how did such a violation cost anyone money?

message 8: by Chris

Chris never mind you can watch it on Youtube

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