Carl Hiaasen on Bill Montalbano

Author: Carl Hiaasen
Book: A Death in China

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New York Times bestselling author Carl Hiaasen speaks to his early years of writing with Bill Montalbano

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message 1: by MsEM

MsEM I am inspired by this interview. I too came from a troubling family, and people have said that I turned out all right, and how did you overcome and "turn out better"? I think in small ways we relive our childhood everyday, but we choose to look at the experiences as a learning moments and teaching moments rather than complete heartbreak at times. I named my blog and business Good Memories Cafe. It's my place to remember. I've lost my brother who was the keeper of many memories of our childhood. My only other sibling was seven years younger, so it up to me to keep the memories.

I too would love to write my story. I feel compassion and love for my parents and would never trade another moment with them. They adopted me and my brother and loved us as best they could.

Oh, thank you for writing this book!

message 2: by Terry

Terry Helwig Liz, I just today, March 8, saw your post here. I'm still learning to navigate the Goodreads site. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Thank you for your post. It sounds like you have a great deal of compassion for your parents. Sorry for the loss of your brother.

Best wishes to you,

message 3: by Diana

Diana This is a great interview. Definitely go to the website to check out The Thread Project and read the book...hope for all! Thanks Terry Helwig!

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