The God Complex - Chris Titus - Official Book Trailer

Author: Chris Titus
Book: The God Complex

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Inspired by true events, The God Complex takes readers on a thrill ride through Chinese medicine. Desperate for a cure and spurned by his Western physicians, Steve Benson was left with no other choice but to take a leap of faith … a leap that landed him in Boston’s Chinatown. After years of drinking foul smelling herbal concoctions and getting stuck with needles, he emerged healed and well-trained in their secret arts. However, he never forgot the dismissive attitudes of his Western physicians.…more

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message 1: by Elyse

Elyse I'm a little more than half way through the book.
Whatever you think you know about Western and Chinese Medicine ---
(let it just be) ---
THIS book touches you inside and out. Its gripping-and powerful. Sometimes I was laughing at the human condition. (ying/yang)...(cry/laugh)
Chris Titus is a talented writer --the way he tells this story was brilliantly crafted.

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