Jeffrey Eugenides on Writing, The Marriage Plot, and Nabokov

Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
Book: The Marriage Plot

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Jeffrey Eugenides, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "Middlesex" and "The Marriage Plot," answers readers' questions about inhabiting his characters, the origins of his new novel, and the one quality every successful writer shares.

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message 1: by Elyse

Elyse I loved "The Marriage Plot"---(everything about it)!! After reading 3 books you've written ---(love your writing)---I can now say you're one of MY favorite authors! I'm 59 years old- (married 33 years: healthy & -functional).
I connected with "The Marriage Plot" on many levels. I attended UC Berkeley in the 70's --
I left the country --went to Israel-Greece --traveled overland to India. (spent time in all the same places Mitchell did).
As a 'female' --(seems to me anyway)-- we've all had a relationship in our life like Mitchell.
I'm happy to say I didn't have a boyfriend like Leonard. (however one of our daughters did) ---

I'm blabbing -- (sorry I've no writing skill what-so-ever). but THANK YOU very much for the work you do-- You're a fantastic author! I can feel your writing deeply!

So many great lines you wrote ---
This one made me STOP...(laugh AND think)....Your words are wonderfully put together:

"It was possible to pick over the corpse of Christianity, to pound its chest and blow into its mouth, to see if the heart started beating again". (page 95)

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