Gatsby's American Dream: Reading The Great Gatsby Critically, Chapter 1

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Book: The Great Gatsby

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In which John Green discusses the first chapter of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, including thoughts on the role that the ideas of the self-made man and the American dream fuel the beginning of the novel. Themes, metaphors, and symbols are all discussed--although hopefully not in that boring and unlikable way you all find so reprehensible.

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message 1: by John

John Tom Buchanan made Paris Hilton look 'grounded & charming'... Thanks John Green : I steered clear of this Beauty Wealth & Yellow novel, and now I'll never need to read it! Brilliant, er, golden, not. Long live intel cultual,whoops Cultural lit-crit. Marvellously entertaining precis too - just the shot for a cool Adelaide early morning ... if that was only Chapter 1, John, my curiosity (for anything FSF) is sated.

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