The Mormon Delusion

Author: Jim Whitefield

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Interview with the author from the "I am an ExMormon" series, where Jim explains how and why he left the Mormon Church and wrote The Mormon Delusion books in order to expose the hoax behind the religion.

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message 1: by Jean

Jean Jim has a mind like a steel trap; very little BS gets by him. His books are completely enlightening and one is left to wonder at the amount of evidence available to the serious scholar of Mormonism that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the LDS Church was founded on a hoax and that its leaders certainly were not inspired men. They were opportunists. Joseph Smith's use of coercion to persuade young teenagers to marry him echoes down through the years, as more Warren Jeffs types rise up to carry on the tradition of polygyny and polyandry. Jim's books are easy to read; logical and factual.

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