Authors@google: George R.R. Martin talks about "Dance With Dragons"

Author: George R.R. Martin
Book: A Dance with Dragons

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Contains some spoilers for the first four books in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series. It's an interview about the new book with questions submitted by fans.

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Ronald This was a fabulous interview. It's awesome to get inside of George's head a bit to see how he really works things out. It's also reassuring to see that even he gets lost in his own world at times.

Also, the bit about the red wedding was good. That was a cruel chapter, but I'm glad to see that even he struggled with writing it. Harsh, but necessary.

message 2: by Steve

Steve Very good interview

message 3: by S.A.

S.A. Hunter Enjoyed "meeting" G.RRM very much. I tuned in as I have also written a "medieval-type" fantasy novel and I'm also a great fan of this author's work. I found his discussion on POV characters truly interesting. Much of this interview touches on aspects of the adaptation of his novels to the HBO series—I found this very interesting as well. If you're a fan of the author, and/or a writer in the genre, you'll enjoy the interview.

Artemas Fantastic interview, makes me love the author even more.

message 5: by Sn

Sn The bit from introduction about HBO being heavily censored in India and series where the hero dies not liked - made me chuckle. That is indeed the case !

Necati Batur "Is it possible to warg into a dragon?" that was my exact question and he left the answer open. Suspicious -.-
Great interview though

message 7: by E.W.

E.W. Pierce I could listen to George talk about just about anything.

Benjamin Wow, He is so proud of being a fat slovery fuck, that he posts a video of it. Amazing.

Its too bad that after his first 2 books, his story turned to shit. Obvious that he didnt have a fucking clue how to end the story, Whats worse is that it got turned into a movie series on hbo and now hes fucked

He has no clue how to end the series, he knows hes already fucked it up

Benjamin Want to read a real series, with depth and thought, and not written by some dumb ass media hungry asshole?

Read Malazan Books of the Fallen. Makes Martin look like a preschooler.

Benjamin Martin thinks we are going to worry our ass off about what happened to John Snow. Snow aint no fiddler.

Benjamin So to end my arguement.

George, Fucking finish your God Damned series before you spend your time on tv

Course you wont, cuase you just care about the mone and know that your ability as an author is shit.

Benjamin We need to come up with a worse authors category
Martin would win that for sure

message 13: by Emily

Emily M. Marvin Martin, you rule!

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