George RR Martin - Meet the Writers

Author: George R.R. Martin

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message 1: by [deleted user]

A fabulous interview. It is very intriguing. Love George's books.:)

message 2: by Gibby

Gibby does any one else feel like we should elect him president

message 3: by Richa

Richa Mr Martin is wise. First. Secondly, he knows what he is doing, why he is doing, how he wants to do it and exactly for how long. A very sorted person. I am glad he is a success. He deserves to be. He knows and understands a reader. I am sure, he is one too. Charmed!

message 4: by Miss (last edited May 04, 2015 05:29PM)

Miss Makaveli So inspiring... I've begun writing again since reading Game of Thrones and seeing this has just set me on fire. He is a special and blessed man. (I have to say though, the books and the TV series aren't enough alike- I prefer the books far more, the show's a change... still good but, the books are the best <3 )

message 5: by Miss

Miss Makaveli Gibby wrote: "does any one else feel like we should elect him president"

ME!! wanna start a campaign with me? heh

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