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Conroy is the bestselling author of two memoirs and seven novels, including THE PRINCE OF TIDES, THE GREAT SANTINI, THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, and THE WATER IS WIDE. The eldest of seven children raised in a rigidly disciplined military household, Conroy draws heavily from his only life in his novels. "I was making up stories about my life at a very early age. I was writing fiction long before I knew I was writing fiction."


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Tracy It is a joy to experience the voice, the gestures, everything conveyed about the presence (in a video) of a man whose exquisite care with the English language has meant so much to me throughout my adult life. His works have had an ameliorative effect on me and my psychiatric patients alike. He has given a unique gift to the world of 20th Century Literature.

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C.J. Hatch I have to agree that that's where the fiction comes from for me as well. When life isn't that great, you make up another either by escaping into someone elses story or creating your own. I'm fortunate enough to have channeled my energies into both. Thank you, Mr. Conroy.

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