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Author: Amanda Hocking

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message 1: by Cindy

Cindy That is so awesome! good for her and all the other up and coming authors! I love my kindle, but I still love the feel, smell, covers,to look at them on my shelves and turning the page of a book.:)

Delaney I'm angry that she was turned down by so many publishers! I love ALL her books. I can't imagine how many other good finds there are out there that publishers don't deem worthy. . .

Jillian Peery Such an inspiration!

Steve Amanda worked hard for this, and worked smart. Yes, an inspiration to other young authors!
Well deserved success Amanda, I wish you every happiness -x-

Brittney Canna Her story on how she became who she is today is very inspiring. I hope that she continues doing well in her books. :)

Nicole I find it insane you were rejected by book publishers - you are such an amazing writer and an inspiration - your living my dream life :)

message 7: by Misty

Misty Amazing! So glad she didn't give up. She's quickly and easily worked her way onto my favorite authors list.

message 8: by Rin

Rin How could they reject her when her books are so amazing?! Thanks to Kindle and Nook, she's (Amanda) successful now! We're proud of you!

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