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Author: Colleen Houck

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This interview happened when I was in NYC in October of 2010.

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Darian Reese I love your AMAZING Tiger Saga so much!! Never forget how much support your fans have for you! If you ever need anything look to your fans! :) Please keep writing! Thank you so much!

Caroline I agree with you. I have always wanted to be a writer. You are my role model. Thank you for being there for me in that area and know that I and your fans are always standing behind you!

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it was a wonderful video. I first got your book on my nook, but when i went to B&N the other day and saw it in person, the cover took my breath away. the metallic blue, beautiful glimmering background that accented Rens eyes was stunning! You did a lovely job picking out the colors and contrasts, and I have to say that i regret getting the book via nook now. I would love to own such a beautiful book as Tigers Curse to read, enjoy and display. Perhaps i will later purchase the book once all 5 novels are released. :)

We are all indeed standing behind you Colleen. you are amazing and such a talented writer. I was absolutely taken away by your story.

thank you for sharing your story of Ren, Kelsey and all of the other wonderful characters you created with us. I so enjoy them all!!! :)

Denise Tarasuk I loved your interview. It is wonderful to hear you speak about what goes into The Tigers series. All the research and imagination you have has brought many hours of joy for me! I have enjoyed every word and the romance too! Keep writing, I am hoping for more. Your characters are wonderful!
Dr. Denise Tarasuk author of Monsoon Medicine

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