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J.A. Saare
J.A. Saare is starting
Just starting this. A dear, sweet person gave this to me after she finished and I can't thank her enough. I love this author and her books!
Dec 17, 2011 09:34PM
Colorado Dawn (Runaway Brides, #2)


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J.A. Saare
J.A. Saare is on page 267 of 368
After spending the day at school Christmas parties, I'm taking a break from work to read. Blech.
Dec 20, 2011 12:54PM
Colorado Dawn (Runaway Brides, #2)

J.A. Saare
J.A. Saare is on page 174 of 368
Really enjoying this one!
Dec 18, 2011 08:36PM
Colorado Dawn (Runaway Brides, #2)

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