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Bonnie is 50% done
'...piercing through the surface of my dreams, came the terrified whinnying of the pony and the crying and calling of that child over and over, while I stood, helpless in the mist, my feet held fast, my body pulled back, and while behind me, though I could not see, only sense her dark presence, hovered the woman.'
Nov 25, 2011 04:07PM
The Woman In Black

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Bonnie is 36% done
' I stared at her, stared until my eyes ached in their sockets, stared in surprise and bewilderment at her presence, now I saw that her face did wear an expression. It was one of what I can only describe-and the words seem hopelessly inadequate to express what I saw-as a desperate, yearning malevolence; it was as though she were searching for something she wanted, needed-must have, more than life itself...'
Nov 25, 2011 03:21PM
The Woman In Black

Bonnie is 19% done
Nov 24, 2011 12:07PM
The Woman In Black

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