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♥Xeni♥ is 68% done
There is a mystery here. A very big one too. I just hope that it gets solved, unlike so much of Auster's work. I just loathe an unsolved mystery.
Oct 02, 2011 12:30PM
The Bee-Loud Glade: A Novel


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♥Xeni♥ is 46% done
I'm not sure what makes this book so compelling to read. I don't feel like I'm learning something here, not really. In fact, a lot of the things going on I'm bothered by. But something makes me keep wanting to read... so I do.
Oct 02, 2011 11:23AM
The Bee-Loud Glade: A Novel

♥Xeni♥ is 14% done
I am actually enjoying this book. I wasn't sure, when I first noticed it via Goodreads (new releases or up and coming, not sure...) but it's pretty great so far. I ought to be bored by it, but somehow I'm not!
Oct 02, 2011 12:53AM
The Bee-Loud Glade: A Novel

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